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Project Quality Assurance


ProjectQA Profile

Project Quality Assurance is governed by the premise that any well-conceived project can be successful if the proper process is followed. This process is clear and well known, but mistakes and shortcuts are costly. By adopting formal risk assessment methods developed within other industries that face complex decisions, ProjectQA developed a formal basis for its professional recommendations. ProjectQA’s analysis of construction projects focuses on improving the likelihood of success for the project and its stakeholders.

ProjectQA was created in order to make an innovative, state-of-the-art approach to due diligence and project monitoring available to construction lenders and project owners throughout the country. ProjectQA’s unique, proprietary service model called PAARsm is based on adaptations of probabilistic risk assessment concepts, methods, and procedures used in the nuclear power industry and NASA to identify project failure modes, assess their likelihood of occurrence, and evaluate their consequences. PAARsm provides the means to focus ProjectQA’s efforts on the aspects of projects that are most likely to cause project failure and/or adversely impact the lender or owner.

ProjectQA’s Alliance Partner Network enables ProjectQA to quickly, efficiently and economically provide its Project Monitoring services to construction lenders nationwide. ProjectQA’s Alliance Partners are licensed architects or registered professional engineers throughout the country, all with extensive construction experience. Each Alliance Partner is carefully selected by ProjectQA, based on construction experience and expertise, and trained in the PAARsm method by ProjectQA.

ProjectQA’s key staff have significant construction industry experience, from different professional backgrounds.  This combination of construction experience and diverse professional backgrounds gives ProjectQA the ability to analyze potential problems on a construction project from different perspectives. It also helps ProjectQA stay on top of important developments throughout the construction industry related to the architecture and legal professions.