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Alliance Partner Network

In conjunction with the development and implementation of our proprietary service model which we call PAARsm, ProjectQA developed its nationwide Alliance Partner Network. All ProjectQA Alliance Partners are licensed architects or registered professional engineers, who contract with ProjectQA to provide the Acquisition (site observation) component of PAARsm on construction projects located near the Alliance Partner’s office. All Alliance Partners have extensive construction experience and are trained by ProjectQA in ProjectQA’s Project Monitoring approach and PAARsm.

Our Alliance Partner Network enables us to provide Project Monitoring services to lenders throughout the country, on construction projects all over the United States. Because all of our Alliance Partners are experienced professionals, who work in the area in which the project is located, they know the local construction practices, building codes, and local market. The fact that our Alliance Partners work in the area in which the project is located, also enables ProjectQA to conduct professional site observations quickly and cost effectively. Our Alliance Partners benefit from the training that we provide to them and we benefit from their expertise and knowledge of local market conditions.

We have one or more Alliance Partners in all areas in which we are providing Project Monitoring services for clients and are continually expanding our Alliance Partner network into to other areas of the country in order to better serve our clients.